What is Vaastu?

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What is Vaastu?

Almost everyone would agree that your environment affects you. If you live in a home that is constantly cluttered, then it is likely that you are constantly stressed. If you work in an office space that is cluttered and disorganized it is likely that you are not too happy or productive. Even the color of the walls in your bedroom can affect the quality of your sleep. If you do not sleep well, it can affect your productivity and health, not to mention your mood. So overall, it is wise to spend some time to study the home and make modifications so that you can enjoy good results and good progress in life as opposed to stress, frustration, stagnation, poor health, anxiety, lack of sleep, financial worries etc. 

Vaastu or Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science or system of studying and modifying your environment to ensure well-being, prosperity, and good health. This includes study of the external as well as internal environment of the home or office. This system originated in India in ancient times, thousands of years ago and was used to design the architecture of cities, towns, gardens, and temples. It is the system which basically says that every object in the home has energy and is affecting you- either positively, negatively or is a neutral presence. In the modern day, a lot of renovations and major changes are not practical for homeowners and people seeking guidance from Vaastu. It is also not practical to change your residential address altogether. Nevertheless, the system of Vaastu can be applied even in these situations without doing major renovations- to alter your reality.


If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

Vaastu and your environment

Vaastu and your home

Essentially, by observing the energy in the home based on where certain objects are placed- an analysis can be made to see if there is an energetic imbalance in the house. When there is an energetic imbalance it can cause various problems such as stuck finances, marital problems, obstacles in personal life, divorces, poor health or illnesses, depression, etc. By making simple changes, it is possible to alleviate the imbalances and create positive energy flow. When the energy flow inside a house is positive, each area of life is also smooth and chances of accomplishing your goals become maximized.

Vaastu and your Environment

A lot of the times people hire an interior decorator to give a certain kind of look to the home. But often this is done to impress others or to have a certain kind of image or vibe in the home. What is most important is how the environment in the house is making you feel. The right environment should feel good and the home ultimately is a place where you can be comfortable and relaxed. It is your shelter from the outside world, and your own sacred space that should nurture you, make you feel relaxed , let you get good ideas and allow you to reach your highest potential. It is quite silly if you hired an interior decorator so that your home impresses others- and ended up with a home that looks great but makes you feel miserable. On the other hand, it may not be a bad idea to hire an interior decorator together with a Vaastu expert so that you end up with a very pretty home which is also in alignment with Vaastu principles. That way the energy in your home is balanced and your home looks pretty as well.


If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

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If you are already feeling relaxed and supported by your home and are not facing any major problems in life, then your home probably has an exceptionally good energy. In that case, you probably do not need a Vaastu consultation unless you really want to – just to be safe. However, if you feel stressed and overwhelmed, if you are fighting with your partner, having health issues or financial worries then chances are somethings are majorly wrong in your home environment. The good news is that by making small modifications you can experience a change in your circumstances. The small modifications could involve moving your couch, moving your mirror on the wall, or changing the direction you face when you work or eat. Some Vaastu suggestions are universal which can apply to everyone. However, most suggestions are tailored to the home in which you live based on the cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. Suggestions will also vary based on the kind of problem you are facing. These are basically remedies to try to alleviate your problems. 

Some examples of what you may be doing wrong, that is affecting you:

  • Placement of mirrors
  • Placement of the toilet or toilets
  • What direction is your head pointed towards when you sleep?
  • What all objects are in your bedroom?
  • Do you have beams?
  • What kind of paintings or art are hanging on walls?
  • Where do you hang your calendar?
  • Where is your clock?

These are only some examples. The actual list is much longer. In fact, every object inside the home has energy- it is either working in your favor, working against you or has a neutral presence. The Vaastu system is similar to the Chinese Feng Shui- however they are not the same. If you already did a Feng Shui consultation and did not see results- maybe it is time to try Vaastu. At the end of the day, whatever you do -go with your gut.

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