1 Hour Tarot Reading

The 60-minute session will be conducted via Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp. If you reside within the United States, we can do the reading via telephone as well. During this session, I will conduct an in-depth analysis of your 3 questions. These can be questions relating to your love life, finances, or any aspect of your life. Using my tarot cards, I will give you a perspective on your situation, provide insights and potential solutions/remedies. We can also explore additional questions you may have if time permits. Information I need for this reading: Your full name, date of birth, gender, your email, and your list of 3 questions. Also, include your Skype handle, so I can add you prior to the reading and/or your telephone number (if you reside within the United States). If you have any questions, you can email me at readings@psychic4life.com



Please be ready 5 minutes before our appointment. Make sure you are in a quiet space for this reading with no distractions. Please do not watch TV, engage on your cell phone, or have your spouse walking around while we are in consultation. All these activities interfere with the reading. If possible, be in a quiet room alone and focus fully on the consultation. That will give you the best results.


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