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Let me introduce you to something so cool, you will literally get hooked. I invite you to connect with me and explore!!

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Have you ever been to a basketball game where you see your favorite player make the basket, in the middle of an especially tense moment- and volts of electricity spread throughout the crowd? That’s energy. Nobody saw it but everybody felt it. Picking up energy psychically is similar, except that the intensity of that energy is way more subtle. There is energy all around us in every moment that affects us- positively and negatively. It is in your interest to make the most of it.

I am a seasoned tarot reader, intuitive counsellor, healer, lightworker and empath. I began reading the tarot under the spirit name Flying Horses. I am clairvoyant (as in I “see” things), clairsentient (I “feel” things/information) and claircognizant (I have a feeling of “knowing” something). When I read my tarot cards, I channel information from spirit regarding the person I am reading for, what they need to know, what opportunities may be coming up for them, what obstacles may be in their path, and what are their chances of getting what they are wanting at that moment. I relay this information as I am receiving it. I cannot explain exactly how I receive this information. It is sort of a combination of seeing, feeling, and knowing. But, once I am telling you things you should be feeling connectedness, and that I know you very well. I also use my psychic intuition when I am reading your astrology chart.

As I read your energy and see the cards I have drawn for you, I can see who you really are. I can see your past, present and future. Your future is not set in stone- there are several possibilities usually. I also see very clearly what drives you or a lack of drive, what excites you, what your deep fears are, and what you really want and don’t want. All of this information does not come to me at once, or in any specific order but rather randomly, in random order. I cannot control too much of this process- the best thing to do is to go with the flow and tell you everything that the tarot is telling me. However, I can ask the cards specific questions. The cards say a lot and the answers can go deep. It is best to relax, sit back and receive. I am the messenger, and all the information I am giving you is coming from source energy or spirit. I do have the ability to articulate this information in a way that you will understand and deliver guidance in a way that you can implement.

I am also a strong empath; I feel what you are feeling. In a reading where we have an established strong connection, you would not have to tell me much. I would have a pretty good idea of where you are coming from, and where you want to go. The best part is, I also would have a pretty good idea of how you can get there!! I can see these energies for myself as well for my own personal journey- but I see far more clearly for other people than I do for myself. In a way, I envy you. I wish I could do for myself what I can so easily do for you…😊

history of the Law of Attraction

My spiritual awakening

I was not born psychic or with any intuitive powers. For the first twenty years or so of my life, I saw everything around me like most people do. You can say I was an atheist or agnostic. I could not believe anything that has no proof. Even today, no one can force me to believe something that I choose not to. Everything I believe today is only because I have accepted it as the truth. 

Things began to shift for me in my twenties. I cannot pinpoint the day things changed or the year things changed. It was gradual. I always knew I was different. But it was later that I realized that others could not see like I could, and that they could not sense things like I could. I also realized the grave importance of being diplomatic and not saying what someone is not prepared to hear. I began to realize the responsibility on my shoulders, and for many years it was a battle to even comprehend what was going on. Finally, after many tribulations, I will say I became spiritually awake. The whole process took at least 7 years. Later in retrospect, as I learned astrology, I discovered that a lot of the things I knew about myself were spot -on in my astrology chart. My chart said that I was intuitive with strong psychic powers. I have a couple of powerful planets in the 8th house of my natal chart- which explained the extreme craving for knowledge regarding metaphysical energies. I read through metaphysical materials for leisure and still do on a regular never-ending basis. I receive downloads from spirit regularly and I always hear that I am supposed to help others with my psychic and spiritual powers. I was told in many ways that I have the unique opportunity to be of service to others for the benefit of humanity and to help others in their spiritual ascension.

I have read for hundreds of clients all around the world- both men and women from all walks of life. Most of my clients have typically been women and I love empowering women. But I love reading for both men and women alike- and I am happy to empower all the men who are eager to take on this journey. Questions that I have been asked by women have mostly been around their love lives, their careers, self-awareness, and spirituality. Some examples of questions I have been asked are: when will I get married, is my current boyfriend cheating on me, will me and the guy I am dating make it long-term, what is my boyfriend/husband thinking of me, what are his true intentions, is the guy I am dating a loyal person, etc. I also do offer manifestation coaching for all my clients. Typically, manifestation coaching queries included: I need to find Mr. Right; I’m in a long-term relationship but I need my boyfriend to propose; I have a crush on this guy- how can I make him my boyfriend; how can I reach my full potential, etc., etc. One thing I do tell all my clients is that none of the suggestions I offer interfere with the free will of another person. If you are interested in manifestation coaching, I will give you simple exercises to do that will change your energy and maximize your chances of getting what you want. It will not guarantee it but will surely increase your chances greatly. When your energy changes, the other person reacts to you differently- but completely out of their own free will. That is the premise.

Questions I have been asked by men have typically been around their careers, finances, love lives, and spirituality. Typical questions have been: how can I get that promotion, I need to start a side business what’s the best strategy, will I become a millionaire, I’m not getting along with my wife- what should I do, is my wife cheating on me, what is my life purpose, etc. etc. Most of the manifestation coaching I have done for men have been around marriage issues and career. Funny thing is a lot of guys ask me how they can become a millionaire and manifest unlimited wealth. I also do get asked a lot about how to win the lottery. I do not help directly with that topic- but in this type of situation, I recommend offering help to activate your finances greatly. I do not provide lucky lottery numbers and such.

Is the law of attraction real?

All readings are 100% confidential. You can let your guard down and tell me what your issues are. There is no judgment involved in any of the readings. All readings are offered virtually. We will be talking face to face on Skype or Zoom, or via a phone call. I do not offer FaceTime on phone calls.

I choose to be compassionate, caring, and considerate of your needs. I offer a variety of readings that you can explore on this site. My favorite though is doing a 1-hour reading with you. If you have not received a reading from me before or it has been a long time in between readings, I recommend booking a 90-minute session because that gives us enough time to go over all the details. The goal of each reading is to ease your burden, and you should feel healed after each session and in the few days that follow. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but overall, you should be feeling a bit lighter and that your burden is also lighter. You should experience improved clarity and, if you talk to me on a regular basis, you should experience the quality of your life gradually improving.

Apart from reading tarot cards, I also read astrology charts and can do a Vaastu analysis of your home. If you are committed to taking your life to the next level, I recommend the combo 2-hour reading. In this reading, I take a holistic approach and look at your tarot cards, your astrology as well as the energies in your home. 

My personal philosophy

When I started reading the tarot professionally, I quickly realized that no two human beings are alike. The exact time of birth and place of birth is different for every individual and, therefore, so is their astrological blueprint. Whenever you see motivational speakers talk to a large audience, they are giving general advice. On the one hand, that kind of guidance is useful and powerful. It serves as valuable information the audience can utilize. But there is a reason, why most people receiving that information are not able to implement it. Let us say you have a role model who you admire greatly, and you want to become like them. At least, that is what you are thinking. I would think that you may go far if you keep focusing on emulating this person. However, that role model got to where they are because of their unique astrology which also affected their unique personal energy. If you do not have that exact astrology what they did may not work for you. The most exciting way to get to what you want, is to unleash your own personal destiny and your own personal energy. You can also activate your environment. This is my personal philosophy and I recommend following self-help guidelines as well as following a personalized strategy to manifest what you want!

I would love to get to know every one of you. I invite you to connect with me, and if you feel so guided, book a 1-hour tarot reading. We can go over your questions- or, if you like I can give you a general reading. You can easily book your reading through the calendar feature on this site.

Disclaimer: All readings are for entertainment purposes only. By using this website, you agree to the Terms of Use.

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