What is a Spiritual Consultant?

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If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

What is a Spiritual Consultant?

A spiritual consultant or spiritualist is someone who can provide insights on spiritual matters including how energies are flowing in the life of a person as well as what spirit wants this person to know. Just like you have a financial consultant (who helps with decisions regarding finances), or a business consultant (who helps with managing a business); similarly, a spiritual consultant can help with decisions you need to take in your life. A spiritual consultant can answer questions like -should you move to Los Angeles or Houston, should you get married this year or the next, or any major life question. You do not necessarily need to believe in God or a higher force to receive the help of a spiritual consultant. There are invisible energies that surround every individual, and that dictate the events in their life. Every individual on the planet is subject to these energies- whether they believe in them or not.

Spiritual consultants are only normal people on the same journey as you. However, they are more in-tune with their own intuitive skills, and they can help you gain wisdom and insight from various vibrational/energy plains of existence including angel guidance, psychic intuition, or mediumship, helping you move forward in life. The goal of a spiritual consultant is to point you towards the right path.

Psychic spiritual consultants or spiritual advisors can help with any questions that an individual may have. They can forecast the future, describe the querent’s personality or personal energies, and advise on how they can find peace of mind and success. Tarot readers are also spiritual consultants, as they are relaying information from spirit regarding the querent. At any point in time, they can describe for the querent what is going on, what are his/her goals or wishes, what are their fears, what is working for them, and what is working against them. Using tarot cards, a spiritual consultant can also tell the querent about another significant person in their life. This could be their significant other (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend), their boss, their parents, their children, and even a good friend. Through the energy of the querent, the tarot reader can pull the energy of this other person that they are asking about. Then they can answer and guide regarding specific matters like what is this other person thinking, what are their true intentions, what is the most likely outcome, etc.

The spiritual counselor

The spiritual counselor can offer insights, guidance, and suggestions related to personal matters as well as businesses. If your business is facing problems or if you are not sure about the direction your business needs to take, you can ask a spiritual consultant and see what they have to say regarding this matter. They might point out a new direction that you should try or give you confirmation that you are indeed on the right path. Not only is this a novel point of view, but in many cases, this will solve your problem.
Spiritual guidance and spiritual counselors offer assistance, guidance, and companionship to those on a spiritual journey (all of us). Part of their job is to hear the things you’re not saying, to ask the questions you prefer to avoid, and to show you how to take the next step on your journey even (or perhaps especially) when that step is difficult. Look for a spiritual consultant you can trust and depend on, and who you think can bring you clarity- not just once but always.

Make the most of this experience! Suppose you have questions about a spiritual practice you are undertaking or are struggling with a particular aspect of your life. In that case, your spiritual counselor should be a safe source of guidance and assistance.

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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a gentle therapy that explores the spiritual side of you, the process of exploring your life, and the purpose of your life. Spiritual counseling can involve some meditation that will help you to be centered within yourself. More clarity about your situation can emerge through this process. Spiritual counseling can also open you to the strong possibilities of self-healing.

We all experience challenges at times in our lives – family tensions, work or relationship problems, confusion, low self-esteem, etc. Sometimes negative childhood experiences can also have a long-term impact on your adult life. Spiritual consultants can help you reconnect with your correct path in life which can ease a lot of troubles almost instantly.

At any point in time, you are whole and perfect. However, it may seem like you are deficient which only happens if you get disconnected from your source energy. A spiritual consultant can help you realize your own unique way to reconnect with this source energy- by removing blocks or toxic people or toxic environments- depending on what your situation is. When you are connected to this energy, you are happy and confident. To steadily keep your life in a good state, it may be a great idea to get life coaching sessions from your spiritual consultant. These are not one- time sessions but ongoing sessions on a regular basis- which help to keep your life under correct guidance. 

Thus, spiritual consultation can also include spiritual life coaching. A regular life coach will most likely listen to your goals for your life and give you inputs about strategies, motivation, developing the right habits, overcoming procrastination, etc. A spiritual life coach basically does all of the above while also telling you important details about which time periods are especially lucrative for you, which month maybe not the best time to take massive action, etc. Different spiritual life coaches probably have different approaches, but they always involve getting information from the spiritual world.

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Spiritual Consultant Near Me

Many people who think, “I need a spiritual consultant near me,”- do not always have a specific question, but they have problems. Making decisions they regret later; health issues related to diagnosis and/or treatment options; relationship conflicts that may involve marriage or extended family; money worries, career changes, retirement or mental illness can all send someone to seek a psychic and/or spiritual consultant. Finding your spiritual mentor should be important if you genuinely want to steer clear of most problems. Running to find a reader when you are in deep trouble may not be the best strategy. It may be too late, or you may have to take drastic measures to salvage your situation. The smart thing to do is to get regular spiritual check-ups, being proactive, taking precautions, and following suggestions of your spiritual advisor on a routine basis to minimize problems.

Clients looking for spiritual readings from a spiritual consultant are not looking for logical answers (they usually have a lot of those already!). What they are searching for is rather higher perspective comments on their situation. What the spirit has to say about their life situation is what they are asking for in a spiritual tarot reading. A spiritual consultant usually consults a divination tool such as the tarot and/or accesses messages through other mental processes. The spiritual consultant can advise clients to hang in there; however sometimes the situation is indeed broken, and it is time to mourn and move in a new direction. 

A lot of clients can attest that a spiritual consultation helped them immensely. After the reading, they immediately felt better about what happened and realized what they need to do next, with greater conviction and clarity. Recipients of spiritual guidance feel more committed and determined in their decisions. They feel confident that they are not going to be riddled with regret or second-guessing. Spiritual guidance simplifies the matter at hand, offering options that you have not considered. It helps you get to the center of your situation, where knowing what’s right and true for you is as clear as the blue sky.

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