"Millionaires don't consult astrologers, but billionaires do."- J P Morgan.

How an Astrological Consultation Can Change Your Life

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How an Astrological Consultation Can Change Your Life

For many believers, consulting the stars, the planets, and other celestial bodies offers a wide range of insights into several life-related issues or events. There might be a new career opportunity that could catapult you to the next level, maybe there was a loss of a loved one, or maybe there is a big transformation in front of you waiting to happen.
Whatever your reason is, an astrologer can provide meaningful insights that can help you navigate through these moments of your life.
Whether you’re having a consultation in a time of chaos that requires clarity or you need direction regarding a significant life decision, there are several ways the guidance of an astrologer can change your life:


If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.


It Opens Your Eyes to a Widened View of Yourself and Your Place Among the Planets

The only thing you need is the time, date, and location of your birth. With this information, you could unlock a whole new world of understanding and information about who you are, why you follow certain patterns, and how you can use that information for your benefit. Astrology uses the birth details to create your own individual chart. Analysis of your birth chart allows you to get the most out of your birth chart and the information it holds.

Astrology Helps You Recognize Your Strengths

While astrology is a great way to unravel the truths behind past events, answers to some difficult questions in the present, and a look at what is possible, it is also an essential tool to discover your strengths and how you can best use them in your life.


Astrology Illuminates Particular Patterns of Your Personal Development

Even without any kind of divine or worldly intervention, we can sometimes recognize patterns and actions we fall into. Actual growth, setbacks, and sometimes stagnation stem from these patterns. Astrology helps us to discover what these patterns are, which ones we should embrace, and which ones we should evade from in our lives.

We all have a hard time being totally objective about ourselves. Still, astrology presents the personality in a more objective manner that can be of great use. Think of it as Chapter One of your own Operator’s Manual. It will point out all sorts of advantageous things about yourself that you might never have noticed before.

It shows the Correct Path of Your Life

Astrology has always supported and provided effective solutions to its believers. With the help of astrology, one could be more confident about their existence and their approaching future. Astrology can help you gain access to your progressive nature and make you more productive over time.


Progress in Career

With the help of astrology, one can discover the profession and career paths most suited to them and in which they will be prosperous. It can help you decide which profession will make the best use of your skills and talents, and which careers you should not pursue. Astrology can also help you understand the unique skills and abilities that you already possess that your career needs.

Love & Relationships

Studying an individual’s astrological chart will tell us how their love life will get with time, which signs will be most compatible with them, and how blissful the relationship with their partner would be. It helps us understand ifs and buts that could come in a relationship and tells us ways to improve and create a better understanding between the couple in love. For all the singles out there, it can also point out the lucky times when you can find the right partner.

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The Upcoming Year

Astrology helps in predicting the changes, developments, threats, and fears of the coming year for you. To ensure the best for your future, an astrological prediction can be an effective encouragement for you. You can be smart by planning when to do important actions in the upcoming year. You can also make plans by avoiding doing certain things when times are not favorable.

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Astrology Has Practical Applications

Even if you do not want to learn astrology, two basic astrological concepts have real practical applications: Void of Course Moon and Mercury Retrograde.

The Void of Course Moon is a period of time that could last for a few hours (or occasionally for more than a day) that occurs about every two and a half days when projects that are started tend not to turn out as planned. Generally, there is a high chance that nothing is done as it should be.
Have you ever had those days when almost everything feels slow and heavy, and none of your deadlines are properly met? Or, what you intended to do did not get done? Odds are that that was during the Void of Course Moon.

The other powerful astrology concept that you can use is Mercury Retrograde. When the planet Mercury is retrograde (meaning that, from our perspective on Earth, it appears to be traveling “backward” in its orbit), communications and ideas are more likely to go astray. Agreements and contracts are less likely to work as planned, e-mails are less likely to get to the right recipient, and spelling errors are more common during the Mercury Retrograde period.

But Mercury Retrograde is a great time for introspection, long-term planning, revising, and revisiting details. Mercury Retrograde takes place four or five times a year. It is generally advised not to purchase electronics during a Mercury Retrograde.

Consulting an Astrologer is an Act of Healing

Gaining a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of yourself, your patterns, and your journey is a form of self-healing. By consulting the right astrologer, you allow yourself to grow actively and heal anything in your life that causes you distress.

Consulting an Astrologer is an Act of Healing

How to Find the Right Astrologer

The school of astrology your astrologer derives the information from is far less critical than their accuracy of insight and level of expertise. When choosing an astrologer, you would want someone who recognizes that every single cycle serves the purpose of your soul’s growth.

Here are some more tips for picking an astrologer that is best for you:

Find an astrologer who is informative and helpful. Of course, a professional astrologer must be well-versed in astrology. But they also need to have the capability to convey their knowledge in a way that is beneficial to you.
This will make the difference between having an okay reading versus giving you the support and information you’re looking for. Be sure to avoid anyone who says that you are in a “bad transit” or have an “unlucky chart.”

Ask for a referral. Choosing an astrologer can be like finding a good health care professional, a massage therapist, or a yoga instructor. Well, be sure to ask your friends who they like. You will be surprised by how many consult astrologers. Once you have narrowed the field down a bit, use your own intuition.

Know what you’re trying to gain from astrology. When you are looking for an astrologer, it is essential to know how to use astrology in your life. Are you searching for specific answers to questions, or are you looking for high-level information? Before undergoing consultation with an astrologer, decide what you want to achieve and what you want to know.


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