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What is Psychic?

Psychic work is anything that involves a sense of non-physical or the supernatural. Before we could understand what psychic work is, we must understand what it is not. The standard means of gathering and processing information is based on our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) and the logical/linear brain. Psychic work is the process of obtaining information without use of these methods. In psychic work, extrasensory (beyond the senses) methods are used to gain insight into events, people, or situations that would ordinarily not be available to the normal range of senses. An example of this would be to read the character of someone who the querent has not yet met.

Psychic work is usually described by those who are psychic in terms of the extrasensory way in which they gain insight. Examples include clairvoyance (seeing without the physical eyes), clairaudience (hearing without the physical ears), and clairsentience (feeling without the physical body itself). This might seem not quite easy, but look at it this way:

Physical senses are only physical/material representations of the spiritual sense. Just as electricity precedes the toaster turning on, so does an energetic or spiritual sense precede a physical sense. That means there are spiritual eyes behind the physical eyes. There are spiritual ears behind the physical ears, and so on. The psychic can grapple with the very subtle workings of these spiritual senses and interpret the information they gather. The psychic can perceive these subtleties in the same way that we normally see the way in front of us, the conversation with a friend, or the taste of ripe berries. All people are blessed with a capacity of intuition to a varying degree— a psychic is just a person who has the ability and craft of understanding incoming information normally overlooked and the capacity to communicate on a psychic/spiritual level.

Psychics understand that logic and communication is needed to translate the information they receive. To send information to another person, they must first receive information whether in the form of images, words, feelings, sounds, etc., and then translate and relay that accurately to the individual they are guiding. Psychic work, therefore, involves both extrasensory and sensory organs in the service of the seeker. Like us at Psychic 4 Life, most experienced psychics have a lot of control over how to turn on or off their psychic senses. Great psychic counselors can connect with a person or circumstance and silence their normal senses so that the information obtained by the subtle senses is loud and clear.
They could then literally dialogue with a place, person, event, issue, etc. on the psychic platform, and receive information in a way that is similar to how we can dialogue with someone and get information from that person.


If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

Here's how to know if you have the best psychic in Houston:

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You may not believe that anyone can predict the future. But some psychics have a heightened sense and a unique intuition that could help you in your life. Many non-believers change their minds once they have had a psychic reading. Here are some ways a psychic might be able to help you. 

Improve Your Relationships – There might be relationships that bother you in your life, and that you find hard to deal with. You may feel unsafe or hold on to bad memories when you are reminded of a certain individual. A psychic could be a support that helps you understand how you can break that pattern. You can get advice from a psychic that allows you to see things more clearly. You can even find out how you can find someone who is right for you. This can help you move forward positively to enhance the quality of your life.

Enjoy Emotional HealingBad situations in your past could mean that you did not recover spiritually or emotionally. In many cases, this has an impact on your future. Some people don’t know how to process certain emotions, which can mean they have been holding on to negative emotions for a long time. This is harmful for the soul. A psychic, like us at Psychic 4 Life, may aid you in healing and discovering ways to move forward. This could be through insights into your future or advice on how to best release your emotions for a positive outcome.

Gain Inspiration – In life, we all have desires and passions. But you may be holding back, not seeking your dreams. Visiting us could give you the boost you need to take the best path. With insights into the future and correct guidance, you may be able to gain the inspiration you need to start over and feel refreshed. 

It is natural to be overwhelmed by anxiety and worry about past events and the future. But this is not productive and can affect your quality of life. We might be able to help you enjoy peace of mind. We can help you get in touch with your emotions and gain the knowledge you need to take a step back and try enjoying life once again.

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The importance of finding a reliable and instantly available psychic who can provide a comprehensive reading when and where you need it cannot be underestimated. During some life-changing times in your life, like a critical relationship moment or a key work situation, a good psychic becomes your counselor and your friend, trustee, motivator, interpreter, and support system. With the right guidance at the right moment, you can skyrocket to the next level. On the other hand, with a wrong turn at a critical moment in your life, you could experience rather harsh consequences.

If you receive personal advice from your local friends or acquaintances, you can find a good psychic that is right for you. Talking to the right psychic for you, as opposed to talking to your friends, can be a game-changer.  Find out how we use Manifesting and Astrology in our tarot readings…

Perhaps you have a reader in mind but, you always have to wait days, weeks, or even months before you get a session. If you have specific questions, or if your situation is urgent, things will inevitably change during this waiting time. It may happen that you will no longer need psychic advice when your appointment comes. Furthermore, if you have always visited a reader who is living in your area or at a little distance, by being open to other possibilities, you could expand your choices and let go of finding a physical psychic close to you.

One very great thing about our online technologies today is that you could connect to an online psychic reader, every time and anytime you want, even if you need consultation the very same day. There are no limits on the internet, such as business hours. Wherever you are in the world, you can connect to an online psychic. The most reliable online psychic service providers offer emergency readings– as long as you have access to the internet, whether, via your cell phone provider or Wi-Fi, a live psychic can be just a phone call away. At Psychic4Life, you can book your emergency reading at any time of the day or night and can most likely receive your reading within 24 to 48 hours of booking. All readings are offered virtually through Skype or phone- so you can receive your reading from the comfort of your home- without having to step outside or drive in traffic.

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Psychic Reading Near Me

Thanks to today’s technology, many service providers, including therapists, tutors, and even psychic readers, connect with clients across the world. You can consult even psychics that did not turn up when you Googled “Psychic reading near me.” Although a decade ago, many people were suspicious of the effectiveness of such connections; today, studies and trends show that online relationships are just as successful as offline ones.
Nevertheless, what you want is a psychic that can really help you figure things out, or help you come to terms with whatever you are struggling with. You might be wondering, “Am I going to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend?”, “Is my boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on me?” Other times, you might be thinking, “My boss is giving me trouble. Please help,” or “I have problems with my in-laws. What should I do?” Do you have questions in love, relationship, marriage, money, career? Let us see what the future holds.

If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is when someone with psychic gifts taps into people’s energy and can give information about their past, present, and even their future. There is always a reason why you are thinking about getting a psychic reading. To make the most out of your psychic reading, compile a list of questions, and make them as specific as possible.

At Psychic4Life, we offer astrology reading; tarot reading; relationship reading, spiritual psychic reading, love psychic reading, dream interpretation, numerology reading, and even past life reading.

It will not help you if you offer perplexing questions.

Psychics will usually answer your questions even if you do not ask them directly. They may also be able to give you a lot of additional information. Still, it is good to set your intentions before the reading so that you get the most out of your reading.

For instance, you might ask: What is my life purpose? What bad habits do I need to change? What kind of business should I start? How will the next year be for me? Asking these questions will ensure that you get an in-depth answer from your psychic to know what changes you need to make.

Psychic Reading

Clear Your Mind

Once you have decided on the right psychic for you, schedule a meeting with them. Make sure you pick a day and a time when you have plenty of time before and after the session. You must be as relaxed as possible. Make sure you are in a quiet area for this reading with no distractions. Please do not watch TV, use your cell phone, or have other people walking around while we are in session. All these activities interfere with the reading. If possible, be in a quiet room alone and focus entirely on the consultation.

Before you go to our consultation, clear your mind of everything. Try to relax in the days before the reading by doing deep breathing, meditation, or just anyway you know how to relax.

Having a clear mind ensures that you accept and process your reading while keeping the psychic reader unaffected by your stress and any energy disruption. 

Take Notes – The most reliable way to process everything the psychic says is by taking notes. Sometimes things will surface in a reading that makes little sense at present, so it will be beneficial to refer to those later.


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