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The Secret – a film and its related book produced by Rhonda Byrne – has become a trending topic in various publications and websites since its release. This bestseller has attracted endorsements from influential celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. Marketed in the self-help genre, it promises viewers the key to achieving all their life goals through positive thinking. 

Its central claim is that you can have literally anything you dream about or wish for delivered to you, if only you believe strongly enough that it will happen. This is what the film calls the “Law of Attraction,” or as it is summed, “Thoughts become things.” The film also states that this is an absolute natural law, that it exists as much as gravity.

So that brings us to the question, what is the secret? The secret is the Law of Attraction. The central premise in this movie is that “like attracts like” and encourages people to focus on positive thinking to attract positive outcomes. The next thing is that one should ask for what they want. And finally, your reality is what you believe. The result should be to achieve what you want with these principles. The film uses the example that the universe is like a genie who can give and grant wishes.

It may be an oversimplified concept, but it struck a nerve with fans and critics, turning the term “Law of Attraction” into a movement in the community of personal development after 2006.
The film claimed that the core concept is a secret. However, it is really not because most religions practice it in some form or another. It has been used as a formula for success time and time again since the beginning of history.

Main key points of The Secret:

One of the most basic rules in life is the Law of attraction. While the film presented the idea in a new way that appealed to the crowds, the Law of the attraction itself is as old as the earth itself: like attracts like. In Germany, they have a saying that goes, “If you scream into the woods, it echoes back.” Essentially, the Law of attraction states that what you think is what determines what you are going to attract in your life. 

For example, suppose you are focused on all the negative feedback you get as an artist. In that case, you are likely to expect more criticism. Likewise, it is hard to imagine a person who hates money to become rich, and so on.

The Law of attraction works when you think positive, not negative. When it comes to our internal monologue, aversion to loss is a strong driving force. We are a lot more concerned about not losing what we have than about understanding what we want. That is why a lot of people subconsciously play not to win but to not lose. That is primarily why people who take more risks have less competition. Fewer people aim for more while more most people shoot for just the average. 

You have to ask, believe, and then receive to manifest your dreams. Besides constantly thinking about your goals, visualizing them, and framing them positively, The Secret suggests a process that you can use to make the Law of attraction work for you:

Ask. It is about being specific about what you want out of life. Vague questions get vague answers. Use the present tense structure and write down what you want from a grateful point of view: “I am very grateful for the [INSERT DESIRE].”
Believe. If you have no faith in your goal, why should others? It is a matter of radiating trust so that the people you meet along the way will support you. Do not be blindly optimistic but have an assertive spirit. 

Receive. Imagine how you are going to feel once you have achieved your goal. What is it really like? Visualize and feel— before taking the first step in your actions in the right direction.

Main key points of The Secret:

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How Tarot Readings are Related to This

Well, although the Secret gives exciting ideas, many people still struggle to manifest. Tarot readings provide insights into the querent’s life about the energies surrounding them at the time of reading. The reading can provide valuable insights into the favorable powers, the unfavorable strengths, the obstacles in their path, and the opportunities that exist. 

The guidance that comes through to the querent is also unique to the querent and unique to the point in time at which the reading is done. This is because no two individuals are the same, their birth charts are not the same, and the intensity of planetary energies is not the same. So how could the guidance be the same for two vastly different individuals? Tarot readings can help the querent manifest. The Secret is already providing valuable information with regards to manifestation. The reading can bring to light all the blind spots that the querent is likely to miss.

For all those individuals who need my abilities to help them manifest–I offer tarot readings, shadow work readings, courage readings, spiritual life coaching and manifestation coaching sessions that the individuals can take advantage of. The Secret is a short documentary, but there is much more to manifestation than what is described in it. If it was genuinely complete and sufficient, all those who watched it should have been experts in manifestation and never be in a struggle. If that were the case, hundreds and hundreds of people would have become millionaires- there is plenty of evidence that plenty of people want that! This is not the case, however. So many people find it a challenge to manifest because they add concepts and steps they do not need. In many situations, people are filled with frustration because their manifestation efforts have led to no results. Here’s where tarot readings offered here can be immensely helpful. It can help you to clarify the things you want and the ways to see results. 

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