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Psychic Reading

If you hear the word “psychic,” your first instinct may be to roll your eyes. If that is your first reaction, you are not alone. Many individuals are skeptical about this process and hesitant to be a part of it. There has been a lot of negativity in the past with psychics and the kind of sixth sense that they have. This is mostly because individuals saw it all as nonsense. In fact, many still consider these practices a waste of time. A quick search for “psychic medium” on Google will produce mixed results. Most of these reviews and opinions come from people who have never seen a psychic medium before. They do not know what psychics are or how the process works. Even those who have thought of visiting a psychic are often confused about where to go to get an actual reading. In other words, there is a lot of misconceptions and misinformation out there about this world of psychics and psychic readings. But with psychic mediums becoming more and more popular in modern culture, many have begun to let go of unfair preconceptions and embrace being open-minded.

How psychic readings are perceived overall in society is like the wheel of time that links directly to our collective consciousness and reflects our sub-consciousness as well as unconsciousness. Picking up on your individual consciousness, sub-consciousness and unconsciousness are also how a psychic predict how life would unravel in your future.

What is a Psychic Reading?

Have you always wanted to get a psychic reading? A psychic reading is a great way to learn about yourself and the opportunities available to you in the future. By picking up on potential opportunities and delving into your past and present, our reader can help guide you along the path you need to achieve your goals. Your past decisions have influenced your present, and your present decisions affect your future. However, you may not always be able to recognize the lessons you need to learn along the way. Whether it is a palm reading, a tarot reading, a crystal reading, or a psychic reading- any type of reading can bring clarity to the situations you are facing. This awareness also helps you overcome obstacles that obstruct your life’s path. With guidance, you could learn lessons that you need to, recognize blocks that prevent you from succeeding, and find new methods for decision-making.

Creating emotional resonance with you and tapping from the unseen are two essential components in a fruitful psychic session. Cynicism and condemnation erode trust preventing interpersonal harmony. The key to a successful psychic reading starts with an open mind and a warm heart.

Allow your psychic to conduct the reading the way their individual extrasensory instrument functions. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should not use your better judgment. Remember, to get the most out of your reading, both you and your reader need to connect. Although a good psychic reader is naturally gifted to be able to connect to just about anybody, the quality of the reading can certainly be negatively affected if you are being skeptical or rigid during your reading. Only book readings if you feel in your gut that you would really like to speak with the reader and the reader can give you helpful guidance. Once you have booked your reading, it is best to relax and trust. Think of your psychic reader or tarot reader as your best friend who you can confide in and express what you really are going through; even though you normally would not want to express that to the outside world. Again remember, all readings at Psychic 4 Life are 100% confidential. 

Psychic readings can be physically and psychologically draining for the reader. Yes, we can pick up happy pieces of your past, present or future. But while picking up on your energy, a strong empath will also experience your physical pains and negative psychological states. Please keep this in mind and be respectful towards your reader.

Is the law of attraction real?

If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

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Why Should You Bother Getting a Psychic Reading?

One of the reasons so many people are skeptical about psychics is that there are many fraudulent performers who claim to be psychics. I am sure you have seen these people, usually at a fair or street corner, claiming to have every answer to all the issues. Of course, some of the individuals who tour the fair are legitimate psychics, which is just their choice of atmosphere. But the fraudulent people are the ones who are just trying to get money out of others and convince them of things that are simply not true. Many times, you will find these people insisting that you need to spend a lot of money to get a spell work done so you can experience good times again. Or, that your aura is very dark, and unless you get work done you will only see dark times. This is not what the authentic psychic readers do. A genuine psychic possesses the ability that most other people do not, often referred to as the sixth sense. This sixth sense makes a person highly intuitive, allowing them to see/feel/hear things that other people cannot. This ability is what the psychic will use to connect you with what is important to you. Again, remember your future is not set in stone. Even if you are going through dark times, you can create a new fresh chapter in your life without getting spell work done. In some situations, a spell may be necessary. But in most cases, you can steer your life into calmer waters- and we are here to help without getting into spell work.

Psychic Reading for Love

Images of idealized love and romance are ubiquitous in public billboards, TV, and movies. Picture-perfect couples look back at you from the pages of glossy magazines. Sometimes it seems like everyone has a beautiful relationship–except you. Of course, these images are mere illusions and do not help in the search for true love. But psychic readings can smoothen your path to true love by teaching you how to direct your search, giving you an honest assessment of what you do right and wrong in romance, and how you can improve. Love readings can show you the positive possibilities you have not considered yet and helped you avoid repeating the same mistakes. Think of psychic readings as a love lesson on how to achieve true romantic fulfilment.

The romantic compatibility with your partner can be easily unraveled with astrological birth charts. The birth charts can be matched to check if things could be better and if you are really meant for each other.

How does all of this work? Love readings can be done with tarot cards or with other divination tools. It can also be performed by our reader when they are tuned in to their psychic sense. Do not expect the reading to solve all your problems. It will suggest ideas and solutions to you, but it is always up to you to create those changes. The reader uses their skills to be in tune with your energy — your personality, your higher self, and then pass on information received to you. It is just as valid to have a reading online or on the phone as it is to have one in person. The reader might suggest new ways to approach your search for love or advice against existing thought patterns. Still, the final decision is always your own.

Love psychic

Psychic Reading and Astrology

Astrology has one of the longest and richest histories of all the tools used in forecasting and foretelling the future. It was developed and practiced in the West as far back as ancient Greece. The knowledge of ancient and medieval astrologers proceeded to improve astrological endeavors to this day.

Astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes aiming to explain aspects of a person’s personality and predict future events in their life based on positions of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects at the time of their birth.

The most popular and well-known predictive astrology reading is the horoscope based on your Sun sign or Zodiac sign. Twelve zodiac signs correspond to the twelve seasons of the year. Your sign depends on when your date of birth falls. Astrology does not stop at the sun sign. Getting the most accurate astrological reading requires information on the time and location of your birth as well. This extra bit of information will give you details on both your rising sign, your moon sign as well as other astrological differences that make up your unique birth chart. This knowledge allows for greater insight into how configurations of the current planets may affect you as well as your personality. Astrologers know each planet’s energy, how they communicate with each other, and what this means for you on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Ways A Psychic Reading Will Help You

There are different reasons why someone might choose to visit a psychic. Clarity 

Clarity is the most common reason for someone to visit a psychic medium. We all have been in a situation where we are tongue-tied. We may not know what to do or say. We may be afraid of what might happen if we take action. Or sometimes we know what we are trying to do, but we are looking for reassurance that it is the right thing to do. It might be immensely helpful to talk to someone, anyone, for advice. They could provide guidance. Now, you do not need to have your questions in mind before you visit a psychic medium. Still, this isn’t a bad idea either. 

Chances are if something bothers you, it is going to be on your mind. If your judgement is clouded, you will not be able to take the right decisions or actions. Well, psychics can feel your fears and insecurities. They can pick up on your emotions and your reservations. The psychic can very easily tell you what the right path for you is, at any given point in time. In some cases, they can even describe you and your situation better than you can yourself. Sometimes, the reader will ask you questions and in other cases, they will not need too much information. It is best to be frank and be yourself and candidly tell the reader what you are curious about, and what you need clarity on. You may have questions like what you need to do if you are in a dilemma, what your boyfriend/girlfriend’s true intentions are, what are your romantic prospects, what are your job prospects, etc. When you receive clarity, your confusion ends and that is a big burden taken off your shoulders so you can proceed to act with confidence.

Spiritual guidance

Another common reason people are looking to visit a psychic is to ask about the future. Will you ever meet the love of your life? Are you going to take the vacation you really want to? Or, sometimes, what you are asking for isn’t that generic. Sometimes you want to know if your brother will get out of the hospital anytime soon. Whatever you want to ask, answers are available. At any point, our reader can tell you what she is picking up on your situation. Predictions are not guaranteed as energy is always changing- usually, a prediction means that it is the most likely outcome. Again, predictions are not guaranteed, but what it does is give you a distinct advantage. Interestingly, if you are unhappy with what the reading has predicted about your future, you can make a conscious decision to change your energy so you rather get what you prefer. That is very much possible, and when you speak to our reader she will explain precisely how to do that. If you are happy with what the reading has predicted, you can be confident that you are pretty much on the right path to happiness.

The psychic medium, by analogy, is remarkably like a therapist. The difference is that therapy is based on textbooks, and psychic mediums are naturally gifted. 

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