What is Clairvoyance?

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What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a French word that means “Clear Vision”. It is a psychic ability, an intuitive 6th sense, and a subtle perception that allows one to see beyond normal sight. We all have the usual five senses of the body (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing). All of us also have a sixth sense or intuition. Being psychic or clairvoyant is possessing a heightened sense of intuition, over and above what is normal or common. Clairvoyance means seeing with spiritual eyes, not with physical eyes. Broadly speaking and at the basic level, clairvoyance is the heightened psychic and intuitive awareness that an individual is born with or manifests later in life. It can start in an individual at any age and can be, in some cases, learned through long hours of practice.

Because each of the Clair-senses (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience) can be important, we’re going to refer to and mention each of them. Note that when we apply the term “clairvoyance,” we use the term “clairvoyance” for all Clair-senses.

If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

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Are clairvoyants real?

Many spiritual teachers agree that a lot of babies are born with a profound sense of clair-sensitivity. These kids are known as indigo children- indigo since some see a blue aura around them. Other clairvoyants who “see” develop this ability naturally later in life, or in some cases after a near death experience or loss of a loved one. The source can be different but once this ability emerges, it is hard to deny. If you have a child with special abilities, it is good to accept them as they are and encourage them instead of wondering if something is wrong.

From time to time, even a regular adult experiences a hunch, an instinct or a feeling that tells him or her, “Get out, this street isn’t safe, ” or, “It’s the one” or “This is your next job!.” Strong intuition comes to us in a variety of ways. These hunches are beyond our usual, conscious understanding. We might be smelling danger, for example, as we enter a neighborhood. Still, we may not understand how we know this information, let alone process it consciously. We just have a subtle yet compelling sense that we need to get out of the area as soon as possible.
Thus, we are all psychic to some degree. Still, not enough to become practicing professional clairvoyants – such clairvoyants are in daily contact with their Clair-senses. They can tune to them whenever they want and need to.

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How do the clairvoyants do it?

Clair-senses gain information and insights about an event, person, location, or object through “extrasensory” or extended perception — they can receive information beyond the usual sensory range of the ordinary human being. It is not clear how they receive these insights- and often the predictions they offer are not 100% accurate. Yet with this insight, the querent can benefit greatly in their journey by making more correct decisions and moving more often than not in the right direction.

Psychic clairvoyants are much more in tune with what they are intuitively picking up than most of us and they can verbalize this during the reading. They can pick up on jealousy, ambition, back-stabbing, fear, insecurity, and a string of other emotions and realities. For most of us, this kind of understanding happens in hindsight, if it happens at all.
In the psychic world, a clairvoyant is the one who uses his or her abilities to provide insights into your situation or question, whether it is about the past, present, or future, and about you or others, and how unforeseen factors might contribute to the situation.

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Clairvoyant and Love

You can expect to receive a lot of information in the clairvoyance readings – they can tell you about images they see, images that might show the current situation, or how it is likely to unfold. They could also share the types of sensations linked to the situation, along with what kind of vibrations and energies the situation might attract. They are particularly helpful in the love department. They can tell you if they feel that your current partner is the one for you, or if you are better off without him or her. 

Clairvoyants tend to provide specific answers and insights when they are asked open-ended questions, as their Clair-senses are not limited and could help them freely associate all feelings and insights that come to the surface of their awareness with and during the reading at hand. It is better to go along with a series of open-ended questions and explore the situation at hand from various perspectives than to ask yes/no questions.

All clairvoyants, cartomancers, readers, and any other psychic technique practitioners may need a few moments to tune in and focus their attention. It is simple – think of it this way: when you first look at a painting at a museum, you too would want some time to be able to notice all the themes, colors, and details. You would need to take a step back to be able to understand the whole picture, then zoom in more precisely to be able to examine smaller details – it is just like that for clairvoyants.

How can a clairvoyant reading benefit you?

Clairvoyant readings could help you understand what you want from life and where your life is headed. These psychics draw from your vibrations and energies and could guide you in any aspect or area you want to explore, such as your relationship or career. These insights will help you make the most of your important life decisions to live a happier life. You’re going to be able to get to the bottom of issues that have troubled you, and you’re finally going to be able to get out of situations that hold you back. Essentially, a clear-sighted reading can set you on the path towards inner peace.

How to make the most out of clairvoyance readings

To make the most out of your reading sessions with your clairvoyant, you must relax and trust the process. Always be respectful of your reader. Asking questions to satisfy your curiosity about where the information is coming from, what are spirits, are they good spirits or bad spirits, etc. is not appropriate during your reading. Do your research ahead of time and only book a session if you are a believer. Some people believe in this sort of stuff and others do not. If you are not a believer or if you are a skeptic there is no point in booking a session. If you think about this along the lines of the Law of Attraction, you will realize that you always get what you expect. If you expect the reading to make no sense, that is what will happen. Even if the reading is proceeding perfectly and making sense, to you it will probably make no sense because subconsciously that is what you expected.

For all the believers out there- who understand the power of clairvoyance and tarot readings, the best plan is to write a list of questions before your reading begins. Tell your reader your questions one by one so they can start exploring the issue at hand. Remember, asking open-ended questions tends to produce better, more precise insights and readings. Be patient and work with your psychic, not against them — even if they tell you things you do not want to know. Try to explore the issue further and more deeply and understand the details. Ask more questions, including whether and how you can change or prevent unwanted outcomes – it could very well be that your activities today could change your tomorrow.

You might want to give your reader background or information that you consider being crucial or relevant- to be able to provide them with a big picture (think of the museum example above) so that they could provide you with unseen details. You could start by telling them about your work or your relationship. Explain how you feel about certain subjects that are on your mind. You do not have to provide too much information- just what you think is relevant. Then, wait for the reader to establish a connection and start reading for you.


If you are on the fence and not sure if you should book a reading, or if you are not quite sure how this reading will benefit you – feel free to book a 15-30 minute consultation (free of charge) so you can get clarification on your concerns.

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