Life Coaching Program

The spiritual life coaching program is a 28-week program with weekly 45 min video meetings. You will receive personalized guidance and coaching to take your life in the correct direction. We will cover goal accomplishment, peace of mind, unlocking the full potential of your soul and how to live your best life based on your unique name, numerology, astrology and the energies surrounding you. A truly life changing experience. This is a great fit for you if you are ready for change, open minded and coachable. Please email me at readings@psychic4life to set up a discovery call to make sure we are a good fit. Limited spots available.



Once you make your purchase, you will receive further details within 24 – 48 hours. Please make sure you are in a quiet space for this consultation with no distractions for maximum benefit. I mainly use tarot cards and my psychic powers. I will also use numerology, astrology and other metaphysical tools to provide additional information. 

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