Frequently asked reading questions

Tarot Readings By Flying Horses

Readings are always 100% confidential. But without giving away anyone’s personal details, I am sharing here questions that people commonly ask. Here is a list of 35 real questions I have been asked (WORD FOR WORD) by my clients during readings:

Tell me about my future.
I want to get back with my ex. Is that possible?
I am not getting along with my in-laws. What should I do?
I have a job and I am thinking about starting a side business. Should I quit my job?
Is my husband/wife thinking of divorcing me?
I have decided to file for divorce. What is the best time to tell my husband?
When will I get married?
Am I compatible with my current partner?
I always seem to attract the wrong guys/girls. What kind of partner should I go for?
I really like this guy/gal. Do they like me also? Do they have feelings?
I really want to ask this girl out. What will happen?
I just started dating this guy/girl and it is going really well. What does the future hold?
My job is causing huge amount of stress. What can I do to reduce this stress?
My wife has begun to always complain. The relationship is suffering. Will it get better?
Is my husband/wife cheating on me?
My boss seems to give me special treatment. Does he have a crush on me?
What do I need to do to get that promotion?
There is a lot of office politics. How do I act so I don’t hurt XYZ’s feelings?
What can I do to make more money?
What is my life purpose?
I am a writer and have writer’s block. How can I get unstuck quickly?
I feel stuck in my life and everything seems boring. What can I do?
I recently received a large sum of money. Should I invest in project A or project B?
I am thinking of buying a vacation house. I have two options and I can’t decide.
How is the coming year going to be for me- financially, romantically, etc.?
How can I find Mr. Right/Miss Right?
I am getting married. Should I ask for a prenup?
I wish to move to a new city or country. What do you see coming up?
What can I do to make my relationship stronger?
I am dating this guy/girl. Is he/she bisexual?
I want to come out. How will my mom react?
How will my boyfriend react when I tell him I got this job offer that needs me to move?
I am thinking of getting a brand-new haircut. It has been years. Shall I go for it?
I am thinking of dyeing my hair pink. Should I do it? Will it affect my job?
What is a good place for me to look for the right person?

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