Ask me any 10 spirituality related questions

If you have any questions related to spirituality, you can book this option. Perhaps, you have a lot of questions going through your head, but no answers. Please include a list of 10 general spirituality questions. I will respond via email to each of the 10 questions. Answers will be approximately 100 words or less per question. I can get back to you within 1 week.


Examples of questions you can ask:
What are some general tips on improving one’s life?
What are some general tips on improving one’s finances?
What is God and is there any proof that God exists?
What is spirituality and how is it different from religion?
Is it a good idea to want to get back with my ex?
What is Karma?
Is there heaven and hell?
What is the source of confusion in people?
What is the soul?
What is a higher self?
What is astrology?
Can you use astrology to manifest?
Should I get a spell done?


You can ask any similar question that you have that is considered a general question on spirituality. For your personal situation, personal reading is best. You can book a tarot reading with me or a 2-hour combination reading where I will use tarot, your horoscope & Vaastu analysis.

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