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What's Fate Got to Do with It?

Astrology entails the knowledge of planetary alignments at birth. But, at any point in time, information also exists about positions of the planets in the sky. Astrology thus can be used as a divination tool as well to predict future events. 

An astrologer can find out where the planets lined up on a given date in the past. Sometime in the future, the same planets will align in the same way. This lets the astrologer look at past events around this planetary alignment and foretell that similar events will occur the next time the planets align again.

Astrologers use “tools” in astrology, such as planets and zodiac signs, to describe how you respond to different stimuli in your environment. For example, Geminis are known to be great communicators and to be abundantly curious to the point of being unable to focus on a given task for a long time. To the Gemini, there is always a new bright object around the corner that needs to be explored. But what happens when the Gemini shuts down and does not communicate well?

It can be the other side of the Gemini nature that manifests itself (there is a reason that the Gemini Zodiac symbol is twins).

Geminis could be like a light switch – either on or off. That mercurial quality is what makes them a magnet for all kinds of people, and most of the time, so much fun. But is this favorable twin / adverse twin Gemini ‘s fate, as many would have us understand?

Answers To 10 Spirituality Related Questions

If you have questions related to spirituality you can book this option. Keep in mind, in this option I am offering to answer general questions related to spirituality – not reading questions. Please include a list of 10 questions. You will receive a PDF document with answers to all your questions within 7 days. Answers will be approximately 100 words or less per question. For a list of potential questions, please refer to the next page.

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How Astrology Affects What You're Attracting

It is a well-known fact that the sun and the moon affect oceanic tides. Moreover, it is a scientific fact that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is affected by sunspots. People are also affected by the energies of planets. Knowing that these things are happening through astrology can give you the edge of in your manifestation journey.

If you know that some planet is in a certain position using astrology, you can choose to change what you want to attract, how you want to draw it, and when you want to attract it.

Remember, if a major astrological event affects you, it also affects others. However, there are astrological events that are affecting only you, because of your own unique birth chart. This knowledge helps you to use the Law of Attraction and Astrology together to develop the best ways forward to manifest what you want.



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